SJB’s Are Trying to Kill the Craft of Acting

The #FixMsMarvel hashtag – with which Twitter activists are objecting to the casting of a Christian actress to play a Muslim character (and making other complaints that vary in their legitimacy) – is only the latest manifestation of yet one more “social justice” trend that needs to be called out for its manifest nonsense.


If you’re an actor from an “under-represented” group and you’re using your identity as a cudgel to intimidate your competition into vacating roles you think belong to you — you are a cheater. I’m sorry, but that’s the truth. Even if your dishonorable tactics succeed, you haven’t actually earned what a bunch of scared, guilty Hollywood execs have given you — and everyone will know it.

Instead, you should work to get these roles the old-fashioned way: by getting so good (and so confident) that no industry mogul can possibly ignore you. That means taking a bunch of shit jobs to build your skills and your resume — and making friends, not terrified “allies.” It doesn’t mean looking for lazy shortcuts. That didn’t work out well for those who rode the infamous “casting couch” — and it won’t work out for you either. Not if you want real respect.

Source: SJB’s Are Trying to Kill the Craft of Acting