On the Reaction to Covid-19

(Don Boudreaux) Tweet Here’s a letter to a new correspondent: Ms. Tolbert: I did indeed see my friend and former colleague Omar Al-Ubaydli’s recent op-ed decrying what he believes to be humanity’s under- estimation of the seriousness of Covid-19.


First, as I read the evidence, it tells me three things: (1) lockdowns do not work to reduce Covid deaths; (2) lockdowns fuel other health problemsincludingones that are fatal; (3) lockdowns create enormous economic hardships for hundreds of millions of people.

If lockdowns actually reduce Covid deaths, we could discuss how to trade-off the benefits of lockdowns against their costs, keeping in mind that Covid victims are not the only persons who suffer and deserve compassion. But because lockdowns don’t even achieve their stated purpose, I simply don’t see how protesting these draconian measures reveals a lack of compassion.

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