The Trump legacy will live on even if he is out of power

Joel Kotkin: … Trump may soon be out of power, but many of his views on international trade, media, economics and immigration will continue to influence politics for the next decade. We might see the end of President Trump, but the forces and attitudes he has unleashed likely will remain with us for decades to come.


Trump has changed America much more than the media has been willing to concede and it will have a lasting impact as even Biden has begun pushing an America first agenda on trade if not on international affairs where he is still bitterly clinging to Obama’s bad Iran deal and Paris climate agreement.  Both of these were terrible agreements that helped the two countries who are major threats to the US and its allies.  It is little wonder that Middle East countries favor Trump’s policies and have reconciled with Israel and Asain countries openly say Trump was better.  The media’s hatred of Trump caused them to ignore these successes.

Source: The Trump legacy will live on even if he is out of power