lost in fog

When I was a teen, the international socialist government that took over from the national socialists (maybe you guys should have kept me out. Maybe I attract socialism, like some kind of unfortunate magnet) thought that a) it was too expensive to expand the facilities that burned trash and converted it to fertilizer (look, small countries, no place for dumps) and b) they really didn’t want to subject other areas to that kind of air pollution, so all the trash from the city of Porto would be burned, plain air on the hill overlooking the village.

Source: lost in fog

We would probably have had fog anyway. The fogs we had, though, compounded with the smoke of the burning trash, were the kind not seen anywhere outside China these days, and not seen in Europe anywhere else since the industrial revolution brought pea-soupers to London.

2020 is a lot like those mornings.

Sure, from before the full lockdown, I started to see the “shape” of the nonsense. Mind you, I still thought it was way more lethal than it was. (Or at least more generally lethal. Turns out 89% of the people who died had a DNR order. if you don’t know what that means, it means that they were on borrowed time. It needs a doctor’s approval that prolonging life will prolong suffering.) But I knew the lockdown would cause more issues than the disease. I was right too.

Oh, yeah, and people who kill themselves, or die for lack of treatment for other illnesses, have their deaths attributed to COVID, because, well, they were. Which is not precisely true. They died of lockdown. As will a lot of us who are reading (and maybe even writing this) as the second and third order effects propagate.

But even I was shocked on how these “Covid” numbers are being compiled. And I don’t mean just “died of motorcycle accident, but was positive, so–” I mean, the “normal” numbers.

If we had a media that actually was interested in the truth, and in discovering and reporting facts, this would of course be known, and people wouldn’t be in unreasoning terror of something that honestly only kills the very ill (even if some might not have known they were ill before. But any respiratory virus would have sufficed.) And we wouldn’t be destroying the world economy, starving the third world, enabling China’s thuggery and outright genocide, and everything else this is doing.