Reimagining Reality

Stately McDaniel Manor

We hear much these days about “reimagining this” and “reimagining that.”  Such reimagining is being propounded by rebels without a clue.  As the world’s premier technologically advanced society, and as its longest-lived constitutional republic, quite a lot of imagining has already gone into our institutions.  Surely, many could use improvement in a variety of ways, but as we examine the ideas of those demanding reimagining, we quickly discover they not only have no clue what it is they’re trying to destroy and why it exists, but what might replace it.  Notice I did not say: “what might improve things.”  This is not, at its heart, a movement for improvement, but for wholesale destruction and chaos.  In this, dim-witted Marxists, anarchists, socialists, communists, race hustlers and assorted Democrat Party mongrels have found common cause.

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