Social Ills That Plague African Americans Coincide With Leftism, Not Racism


Many people blame racism for the grave problems that afflict a greater portion of black people than whites, including substandard educational outcomes, poverty, violence, incarceration, and poor health. However, comprehensive facts reveal no association between racism and these afflictions—much less evidence of causation. In fact, many of these problems grew worse with declining racism and rising levels of political and social power held by minorities.

In contrast, there are very strong associations between these scourges and leftist public policies and mindsets. Because association does not prove causation, these connections cannot prove that leftism caused these outcomes, but they open the door to this possibility. Other facts reinforce this prospect because minorities who are distanced from leftist environments and ideals don’t suffer like those who are surrounded by them.

Remarkably, the facts that reveal these correlations sometimes come from the research of progressive scholars who buried the information deep within their publications.

Source: Social Ills That Plague African Americans Coincide With Leftism, Not Racism