The Top 20 Lies About Trump’s Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic

20. Trump turned down testing kits from WHO

19. Trump downplayed the mortality rate of the coronavirus

18. Obama did a better job with H1N1

17. Trump told governors they were “on their own”

16.  Trump “dissolved” the WH pandemic response office

15. Trump ignored early intel briefings on a possible pandemic

14. Trump cut funding to the CDC & NIH

13. Trump fired a government vaccine expert for questioning the effectiveness of hydroxychloroquine

12. Trump wanted to reopen schools in spite of science against it

11. Trump ignored experts by not shutting down the country earlier

10. Trump is to blame for the economic impact of the coronavirus

9. Trump was going to deny aid to sanctuary states

8. There was a ventilator shortage

7. Trump “muzzled” Dr. Fauci

6. Trump said people should inject bleach to cure themselves

5. Joe Biden warned Trump about COVID-19

4. Trump ‘misled’ the public about COVID-19

3. Trump ‘Doesn’t listen to the experts’

2. The United States ‘leads the world’ in COVID-19 deaths

1. Trump called the coronavirus “a hoax”

Source: The Top 20 Lies About Trump’s Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic