Tell the truth — or at least don’t lie

I HAVE met white supremacists in the US. Most of them not on the right, but on the left.

Unless you think the assumption that I cannot write anything but Latin stories means they think I’m just as good as your average white person. Or the assumption that I “of course” need their help due to being able to tan. Let me tell you, btw, that what we have in common with our grandparents is like 10% of DNA (and might be less. Or a little more.) And that under the microscope, race isn’t visible. Or that though I’m mostly Spanish and Portuguese (yes, in that order. My parents still haven’t accepted THAT) I have enough from France, England and Scotland (Not to mention Congo and possibly Hungary, though that keeps flicking in and out with revisions) to probably match many citizens of those countries. Under the microscope, race is bullshit.

BUT I have also met white supremacists who consider themselves to be on the right. Well, I met one. In the mid nineties.

Source: Tell the truth — or at least don’t lie