A vote for Trump is a vote for the children

A favorite leftist argument is that something is “for the children.” To really benefit kids, protect them from the left and vote for Trump. How often have you heard leftists insist upon a person or policy by saying, “It’s for the children.” Obamacare was “for the children.” An open border was “for the children.” The unconstitutional DREAM program was “for the children.” The left, despite it’s obsession with abortion, is always for the children.

But there may be an ugly side to that. It turns out that a lot of those people who are “for the children,” don’t actually have children’s best interests in mind. This is a bit of a rough post, because I’m trying to refine the concept about the left and child abuse, on the one hand, and Trump’s incredible push to rescue children from dangerous situations on the other hand. I’d appreciate it, if you have good sites, if you would include them in the comments.

Have you noticed how many of the Antifa and BLM militia members are either teachers or child predators? Already back in March, before the riots got going, Anna Slatz was writing at the Post Millennial  that “Antifa has a pedophile problem.” Her essay begins with the pedophile heading Ireland’s Antifa organization, but then expands to Antifa as a whole…

Source: A vote for Trump is a vote for the children