The Second Civil War #16: The Tender Mercies Of Sturgis Bikers

Dennis Prager has been saying we’re in a civil war, although thankfully a bloodless one. Lately it’s become bloody.
Any parties who are wishing for a civil war had best be careful what they ask for.

The irony is these “fiery but mostly peaceful protests” are taking place exclusively in Democrat-ruled cities, towns and states.  Their creations are destroying D/S/C strongholds.  They also miscalculated that their pet vipers would only destroy Black neighborhoods, a constituency they’ve owned for decades.  But then they branched out, and started attacking major downtown shopping districts, the suburbs, and even the homes of Democrat mayors!  Don’t they know who their masters are?!


Stately McDaniel Manor

It has been several months since the last installment of this series.  In that time, much has changed, and I wish I could say for the better.

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