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That said, there appears to be a decent case that Rittenhouse acted in self-defense. Who says this? Sit down for the answer: a team of reporters from the New York Times. I’m starting to think someone from Fox News has spiked the water at the Times, as this story makes two sensible news stories in one day from the Times. Or maybe the panic is that high at DNC headquarters.

Here are key excerpts from the story, “Tracking the Suspect in the Fatal Kenosha Shootings,” in which Times reporters stitch together a timeline from several videos, and with my highlights:

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As you probably are aware, what I’ve written in the above paragraph was the general narrative in the MSM and leftist social media at the outset, despite the evidence from multiple videos and eye-witnesses that Rittenhouse was acting in self-defense. However, strangely and uncharacteristically, the New York Times has given an indication, through study of the videos and a timeline, that self-defense was really what was going on that night in Kenosha.

That’s how clear it must be. Now we have a statement by Rittenhouse’s lawyers, and quite a statement it is. The facts they describe further change the story.

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The criminal complaint

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Blacks are not the only people who get themselves killed by resisting arrest

Shipwreckedcrew: As A Middle Aged White Man I Fear For My Life — Every Time I Resist Arrest or Pull Out a Weapon On a Police Officer The piece contains numerous examples of whites getting themselves killed by resisting arrest. As I note elsewhere Jacob Blake was shot because he acted like an idiot resisting arrest instead of complying with the officers’ demand.

Source: Blacks are not the only people who get themselves killed by resisting arrest

Smelling the Smoke

Republicans have been smeared with the labels “racist”, “sexist”, “homophobic”, “bigoted”, “stupid”, and “ugly” since the 1980s, at the very least. The Left has been crying wolf, bear, shark, basilisk, and H-bomb for half a century. Sooner or later, people will quit taking them seriously.

The night after the election, I found myself on a facebook battle with what I suppose we must call an “ally” (white savior, much? Or in this case het savior?). I.e. the daughter of a friend took it upon herself to warn us that now that Trump had won, they were going to be going door to door to round up all the gay people and put them in camps.

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Testing Targets and Intensifies Social Distancing on the Infectious

I’ve been pounding on the need for fast, frequent testing but it’s clear from some of the comments to The Beginning of the End that I have failed to convey some fundamental points. A seemingly sophisticated objection is to note that given background prevalence rates even a fairly specific test will result in a high fraction of false positives among those who test positive. (This is the standard Bayesian doctor puzzle .) It’s nice to see people doing the Bayes calculation but some of them are then drawing the wrong conclusion.

Source: Testing Targets and Intensifies Social Distancing on the Infectious

The Republican National Convention 2020, Night 4

Scroll down for Ben Carson’s speech.

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I’m going to try to keep this one as brief as possible—I probably won’t succeed at that, but I’m trying–so I’ll be skipping some of the speakers, many of who essentially repeated points already made in the first three nights of the Convention. One of the early videos features former D/S/Cs who walked away from their party.

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“It’s a Good Life” — the left is narcissism in action

A Democrat victory in November will end with us living in the scary narcissistic world of the Twilight Zone episode, “It’s a Good Life.”

I’ve spent time in the company of narcissists, so I know how they operate. One of the things that’s most irritating about them is that, in their own minds, they never bear any responsibility for anything negative. No matter what it is, it’s the other person’s fault. The perfect example is something a long-ago boyfriend told me regarding our fights over things both inconsequential or serious: “They’re always your fault.”

When I demanded an explanation, he said that the problem was that I disagreed with him and, worse, that I voiced disagreement. There would not be any fights, he said, if I just kept my mouth shut.

Think about that: In the narcissist’s world, any disharmony is the other person’s failure to conform to his facts and his outlook.


As for the claim that a “white vigilante” killed two peaceful protesters, even the prosecution’s charging documents set out facts for a perfect case of self-defense. It’s doubtful any criminal defense lawyer has ever seen that kind of thing in the charging documents. There are several theories for this, one of which is that the prosecutors are preemptively protecting themselves against the inevitable outrage when the case is dismissed. Another of which is that the reason the prosecution instantly charged Rittenhouse wasn’t cowardice but was to position him in such a way as to protect the mob from going vigilante on him.

As for the claim that Kyle Rittenhouse is a “vigilante” or “white supremacist,” Lin Woods, who has effectively represented Nick Sandmann, is licking his chops at the thought of taking on the politicians and media figures making that charge. It’s high time that private citizens stop being martyrs to leftist defamation and Lin Woods seems to be the general leading this counterattack.

Source: “It’s a Good Life” — the left is narcissism in action


I remember when the charge was that Dungeons & Dragons led youths to commit suicide. A quick look at the numbers showed the suicide rate among players was below the national average. Conclusion: kids should be forced to learn and play the game in order to lower suicide rates. (Logical flaws left as an exercise for the reader.)

AND THUS, THE CANCEL CULTURE LEFT ONCE AGAIN COMES FULL CIRCLE WITH THE MORAL MAJORITY: The Woke Police Came for Dungeons & Dragons . The legendary role-playing game has become “problematic.” It all begins with the problem of Orcs.