Black Lives Matter and Jonestown

Last night I was talking on the phone to a friend on the right (I have one or two). I mentioned something I’ve been thinking about quite a bit lately, which is that the current BLM/Antifa movement brings to mind many aspects of the Peoples Temple, the cult that culminated in Jonestown (I’ve previously written at some length about Jonestown, here).

You may or many not recall that Jonestown was a leftist operation through and through. It grew in strength once it based itself in San Francisco. Its founder and leader Jim Jones was actually not especially religious, but used religion as a way to found an allegedly Utopian multi-racial community that tuned into a nightmare. He appealed to struggling low-to mid-income black people who wanted a better life, and to the guilty feelings of white people, some of whom were more well-to-do. They were requested to donate their money to the organization on joining, and many did just that.

Jonestown turned into a nightmare, but it was aided and abetted by a combination of the leftist Democratic Party in charge of San Francisco and a pack of even more leftist activists such as Angela Davis. Most people remember the horrific suicides – which in my post I explain were less suicides and more like a massacre – and consider the episode to have been the result of a religious cult. But what is often forgotten is the leftist origins of the entire operation, and the totalitarian mind control and Stasi-like tactics of Jim Jones and his inner circle.

And most people don’t remember that this was done with the help and approval of the Democratic Party. And notice how many of these people are still powerful, or only retired from politics fairly recently (the linked article was written in 2018)

Source: Black Lives Matter and Jonestown