What’s going on with Judge Sullivan? [Part III]

I once heard a remark I find telling: “You know how we all feel about lawyers. And you know how we all feel about politicians. Remember a judge is basically a lawyer who knows a politician.”

This remark was made by a judge.

[NOTE: Trying to write about the Flynn case and Judge Sullivan is like swallowing an elephant whole and trying to digest it. Maybe several elephants. And I need to do it prior to June 1, when Sullivan (and/or his lawyer ?) is supposed to answer to the court on the writ of mandamus.


A reminder: here’s Part I. Here’s Part II. Here’s a post that deals with Flynn’s original lawyers’ conflict of interest as well as the FARA issues in the case. Also, see this for more background. And in particular see this as well as this about the “secret side deal” in which both the prosecutor and Flynn’s original attorneys illegally kept the deal about protecting Flynn’s son secret, so that they wouldn’t have to reveal it later in subsequent trials in which Flynn testified for the state against others who’d been accused. A huge outrage, and only revealed in late April, in documents Flynn’s defense lawyers suddenly “found” after the Jensen investigation probably motivated them a bit more strongly to turn them over voluntarily.

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