What the Flynn-Kislyak Transcripts Tell Us

The Flynn-Kislyak Transcripts have been released. They exonerate Michael Flynn and indict everyone else in the Obama Administration. perhaps even Obama himself, who conspired against Flynn. On January 4, 2017, the FBI agent overseeing the Crossfire Razor investigation of Michael Flynn drafted, but did not file, a memorandum .


The only pieces of the Flynn puzzle missing now are the original 302 report of the FBI’s January 24 interview of Flynn, as well as the multiple edits.  The 302 report, originally written by Agent Joe Pientka, was subsequently edited by Peter Strzok and then edited again by Lisa Page before being sent to Andrew McCabe for approval.  None of that should have happened, and all suggest actionable fraud.  Everything about this case reeks of criminality by the people entrusted to faithfully execute our laws.  There has to be just punishment for this.

Source: What the Flynn-Kislyak Transcripts Tell Us