Nursing Homes Account for an Appalling Percentage of Coronavirus Deaths

The money that’s been spent on the stimulus and lost in the lockdown could have been used to staff up the nursing homes.

The Guardian has taken a look at where U.S. COVID deaths are actually happening and it turns out a very large number of them are in nursing homes. They are “ground zero” for the pandemic, according to former CDC head Tom Frieden. He wrote that on March 8. Have we acted on this knowledge?

In Connecticut, 194 of 216 nursing homes have had at least one Covid-19 case. Nearly half the Covid-19 deaths in the state – more than 1,200 people – have been of nursing home residents. The proportion is higher elsewhere. In New Hampshire, 72% of deaths have been nursing home residents.

It’s almost 82% in Minnesota, which has the nation’s highest percentage of nursing home COVID deaths. A fifth of all of America’s coronavirus nursing home deaths are in New York, where Gov. Cuomo made that situation far worse by forcing nursing homes to take COVID patients. The original outbreak, in Washington State, was also in a nursing home.

Source: Nursing Homes Account for an Appalling Percentage of Coronavirus Deaths