Washington Post lies about Trump’s coronavirus presser

(Paul Mirengoff)Unfortunately, Nakamura also provides a false account of the substance of Trump’s remarks. The headline of his story asserts that “Trump second-guess[ed] the [medical] professions.” In the body of the story Nakamura goes further, claiming that the president “repeatedly second-guessed. . .the actual medical professionals standing next to him.” (Emphasis added)

Trump did no such thing. In fact, he did the opposite. He deferred to the medical professionals.

Nakamura cites no example of second-guessing. I watched the full presser and heard none.

Nakamura may have had in mind Trump’s statement that he would prefer not to let passengers off of a cruise ship where the virus is prevalent because doing so would increase the number of cases in the U.S. But as Nakamura acknowledges, Trump said he wasn’t imposing this optics-based approach. Instead, he was deferring to the medical experts and to Vice President Pence.

Shortly afterwards, Pence announced that the ship would be directed to a port where everyone on board would be tested. Thus, Trump never quarreled with the expert’s decision as a medical matter, and the expert’s called the shot.

Source: Washington Post lies about Trump’s coronavirus presser