Truth Over Fact

One might think this just another example of the reflexive anti-Christian sentiment one finds in contemporary D/S/C ranks, and it is that, but it speaks to a larger issue, a fundamental divide between D/S/Cs and normal Americans who seek a constitutionally limited government.  Ampe obviously feels anyone that does not believe in stock D/S/C policies is un-Christian, all morality being on the Left these days.  What other reason could there possibly be for opposing the policies of the morally and intellectually evolved?  I’ve often commented that D/S/Cs routinely accuse those not of their kind of being cruel and uncaring.  How can anyone that opposes Obamacare or the Green New Deal be anything but?  This is certainly a form of virtue signaling, but it is also a reflection of their fundamental philosophy.

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In Virginia: Hell Bent, I wrote of the ongoing battle against the Second Amendment in the Democrat-controlled Virginia Legislature.  I referred to current D/S/C presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg, who spent a very great deal of money to elect Democrats beholden to his anti-liberty/gun agenda, only to see his wishes momentarily stymied.  This earned a link from one Marcus Ampe, who, if one is to judge by the article containing the link, is a Bernie Bro with all that implies.

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