Department of Education? Why? A Blast from the Past — The Writer in Black

“When the Federal government fails, it fails for everybody.” Doesn’t apply only to education.

In 1979, during the administration of President Jimmy Carter, the Federal Department of Education was created as a Cabinet Level department. In the 40 years since then, we have spent more than $1.5 trillion on this department. It was created apparently to fulfill a promise Carter made to the National Education Association gaining their support […]

Department of Education? Why? A Blast from the Past — The Writer in Black

The Urgent Need for a United States Space Force

In June 2018, President Trump directed the Department of Defense to “begin the process necessary to establish a space force as the sixth branch of the armed forces.” The reason for a space force is simple: space is the strategic high ground from which all future wars will be fought. If we do not master space, our nation will become indefensible.


Correspondingly, the Defense Department and Congress think that the Air Force should build the Space Force. So far, this has amounted to the Air Force planning to improve the current Satellite Command incrementally and call it a Space Force. It is not planning to accelerate the new space economy with dual-use technologies. It is not planning to protect the Moon or travel corridors in space to and from resource locations—raw materials worth trillions of dollars are available within a few days’ travel from Earth—and other strategic high grounds. It is not planning to place human beings in space to build and protect innovative solutions to the challenges posed by the physical environment. It is not developing means to rescue Americans who may get stranded or lost in space.

In short, the Air Force does not plan to build a Space Force of the kind America needs. In its lack of farsightedness, the Air Force fails to envision landmasses or cities in space to be monitored and defended. Nor does it envision Americans in space whose rights need defending—despite the fact that in the coming years, the number of Americans in space will grow exponentially.

So what do we need to do?

With the right vision and strategy for space, America can develop the means to:

o Deliver unlimited, clean, affordable energy to every human on the planet without power lines or terrestrial power plants.

o Provide fresh water for every human without the need for aquifers or pipes.

o Build a new low-cost internet that is designed to be secure so that every human can connect, share, and learn with assured privacy and data safety.

o Defend Earth against small asteroids like the one that hit Russia in 2013.

o Develop a deterrence capability that will render ICBMs and nuclear weapons useless relics of the past.

o Revolutionize manufacturing by acquiring and deploying resources from space and in space.

o Provide a shelter in space where we can protect and preserve people, seeds, and life-saving medicines, so humanity can recover from any unexpected contamination, illness, or disaster.

o Design defense capabilities to preserve our economy, our people, and our sovereignty, and to allow our allies to defend themselves instead of sacrificing American lives.

o Reduce the loss of life and property due to natural disasters by managing the eyes of hurricanes and the funnels of tornados with energy from space.

To develop a proper and winning Space Force, the President and Congress should immediately enact four simple measures:

° Congress should assign the Space Force the mission to defend commerce in space and define Cis-Lunar space (Earth to Moon) as an area of responsibility in the Unified Command Plan.

° Congress should give the Space Force complete independence from the U.S. Air Force so that funds are not diverted from the former to the latter, and so that the Space Force isn’t developed as a mere support function for air power.

° The President should issue an executive order protecting the space industry from China’s predatory practices.

° The President should promote policies and strategies to maximize the contribution of the private sector, such as directing the Space Development Agency to partner with private companies to develop new space capabilities.

Watching Trump Derangement Syndrome in action in 2020 — Bookworm Room

We’re only five days into 2020, but thanks to the Soleimani strike, Trump Derangement Syndrome is already exceeding anything we’ve seen before. I knew that 2019 wasn’t the year of peak crazy Trump Derangement Syndrome, despite the excesses of the House’s impeachment process. I knew that the Left would be compulsively driven to up its…

Watching Trump Derangement Syndrome in action in 2020 — Bookworm Room

On Soleimani’s death, the Democrats are looking to an imaginary constitution — Bookworm Room

Democrats misunderstand the Constitution when they contend that the president lacks Constitutional power to deal with a sudden attack against America. Oona A Hathaway, a professor of International Law at Yale, writes at The Atlantic that “The Soleimani Strike Defied the U.S. Constitution.” According to her, our Constitution required that Trump first seek Congressional approval…

On Soleimani’s death, the Democrats are looking to an imaginary constitution — Bookworm Room

It seems the Democrats like imaginary clauses in the Constitution. But then that’s why they’re so upset about Trump appointing judges who don’t acknowledge these invisible clauses.

The Recycling Scam

To an extent almost unimaginable, the developed world “recycled” literally billions of tons of waste over decades—metals, plastics, paper, wood—by shipping it to the People’s Republic of China on Chinese ships returning from delivering Chinese goods for sale in developed countries. China accepted it all, paid for it, and used its huge and eager workforce—paid often less than one-tenth of comparable U.S. labor—to transform whatever was in truth recyclable into materials for its industrial-manufacturing-construction powerhouse.

In fact, though, as we now know, somewhere between 30 and 50 percent of what was promiscuously shipped out of the developed economies to be “recycled” was actually dumped by China, as unusable, into landfills and the oceans of Southeast Asia, where it has become a major cause and poster-child of environmentalists as an “island” (sometimes) or a “sea” (sometimes) of floating plastic waste.

Today, we know this in far more detail and know that the developed world never really faced the “economics” of recycling—impossible without the market pricing system. We know it now because, on the first day of 2018, China announced to the world its “National Sword Policy.”

No longer would China accept and pay for the hundreds of millions of tons of often unrecyclable trash from the developed world, trash arriving in China so hopelessly mixed, dirty, and loaded with impurities that China was polluting its own country and also its coastal waters. China was finished with this arrangement. Henceforth, “recyclables” shipped to China must be 99.5 percent pure or, to put it another way, limited to one-half of one percent impurities. Plastic imports to China have plummeted 99 percent.

And similarly, when the LADWP decommissioned the plastic shade balls on one of its reservoirs, I got a call from a farmer in Northern California. He wanted to know if he could be given those plastic balls to cover his holding ponds. I called around and learned, among other things, the LADWP was unable to recycle those balls. Over years floating in the reservoir, they pick up enough grit that they ruin the machines designed to shred recyclable plastic. So the only alternative left was to send them to a landfill. Or to find someone willing to take them off our hands.

After a couple of days of inquiry, we made arrangements to ship them to this farmer, and everyone was happy.

Because the farmer wanted the balls to float on top of his holding pond, I did emphasize that the balls were to be shipped intact, and not crushed or shredded. This was because over the years, I’ve learned the obvious is far from obvious to everyone.

FLASHBACK: A recipe for Texas Red Chili from Karl Bock, also known as Chef Mojo: Here ya go. Thi…

FLASHBACK: A recipe for Texas Red Chili from Karl Bock, also known as Chef Mojo: Here ya go. This is the basic recipe. There’s quite a bit of improvisation involved in getting it to your personal tastes. This recipe will give you a fairly spicy pot of chili.

Source: FLASHBACK: A recipe for Texas Red Chili from Karl Bock, also known as Chef Mojo: Here ya go. Thi…

Bernie’s embrace of gun control endangers American liberty

With Bernie rising in the polls, getting closer to controlling our government, note how he has started to demand dangerous, anti-liberty gun control. The website I Like Bernie, But… seeks to address concerns that voters might have about Bernie Sanders, and to assure them that his plans work, that he’s electable, and that his vision his sound.


Think about this: Progressives are worried about leaving guns in the hands of individuals who can manage in a single incident, and only with spectacular effort or negligence, to kill people in fairly low numbers. At the same time, Progressives, who currently look to Bernie as their leader, desperately want to hand all weapons over to the government, leaving the population unarmed, despite compelling evidence showing that armed governments with an unarmed population at their mercy kill in the millions, with a few million dead here and another fifty million dead there.

Source: Bernie’s embrace of gun control endangers American liberty