Fake religion from Timothy Cardinal Dolan

(Scott Johnson) Even more surprising than fake religion from Pete Buttigieg is fake religion from the formidable Timothy Cardinal Dolan. In his Christmas Eve New York Post column “A Christmas lesson on housing the poor,” Cardinal Dolan writes: “The Son of God was homeless; his earthly parents were immigrants and refugees.” I’m not Christian and mean no disrespect. For the reasons set forth in Paul’s post, however, I doubt Cardinal Dolan has this right and Cardinal Dolan doesn’t set forth an argument on these points.

Cardinal Dolan himself twists Jewish tradition to suit his purposes a bit further along in the column. After discussing Abraham’s hospitality to strangers, Cardinal Dolan writes: “No wonder, as I’m told, Jewish families still set a place at the ­table for an unexpected guest who might show up for a meal on one of their holy days.”

Here is a good discussion of Jewish hospitality. Consider this related teaching: “Traditional mandates extend to the guest as well. Guests should avoid causing hosts extra work. They should accede to their host’s or hostess’s requests. A guest should not bring along another, uninvited guest. If guest and host are entering the home together, the guest should defer to the host. Leaving together, a guest should exit before the host.”

Source: Fake religion from Timothy Cardinal Dolan

One thought on “Fake religion from Timothy Cardinal Dolan

  1. I’m tired of the Catholic Church coming off with this stuff when the Vatican is so rich. It’s hypocrisy. Aside from the fact that there is no certain evidence Jesus existed, if he did, Jesus and his family were not poor. First you have the wedding at Cana. Jesus’ family had enough money to purchase all of the provisions of a wedding for a very large number of guests. This would have required considerable expense. Also his trade as a “Carpenter” is misleading. The right word would be more so “Skilled Craftsmen.” The skills to make furniture of the high end type were very ornate and this work commanded very considerable fees, that only the affluent could afford. Jesus doing this work would have put him and his family in the upper middle class at the very least. Also the Romans who gambled for Jesus’ garments when he was crucified would have scarcely bothered if Jesus was wearing rags. His attire was probably quite expensive. Also you did not just have Roman influence; you also had the Hellenistic influence and high culture. Aramaic that Jesus spoke was like “Pigeon English,” it was a combination of Hebrew, Roman, and Greek that was used to facilitate trade between people who spoke different languages. If Jesus was affluent, it actually speaks much higher of him if he was willing to die when he had so much to lose. The Clergy tend to be ignorant of the historical context. No place called Nazareth existed in Jesus’ time. Its probably a corruption of some of the followers of Jesus that were Anti-Roman Jewish militants called: “Zadokites” or “Nazarites.” Best for the new year! A.


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