Hollowing Out the Republic

Victor Davis Hanson makes the point that republics fall when the elites lose the respect of the people they aim to govern.

There is a folk tale about the Plains Indians: A leader who loses the respect of the tribe may wake up one morning and find the tribe has moved on without him. If the people don’t have the option of moving away, the withdrawal of respect looks a little different.

The second thing, from a historical point of view, we’ve had a lot of wrongdoing by elites and there’s been no consequences. So the American people are not paranoid, they’re saying, the Mueller investigation is going here but they are going after misdemeanors or nothing and here these felonies go completely unaddressed.

Then finally, this Mueller investigation is not in isolation. We had if you remember from the day Trump was elected, we were told that the voting machines were fraudulent, we’re going to sue. Then there was a group, you remember about the electoral college, we had to overturn to the electors and then we went to the 25th Amendment that Trump was unbalanced. And then that didn’t work. Then we went to the emoluments clause. He profited even though his businesses lost a billion dollars? And then we have gone to Mueller. 

So there’s a slow motion, if you will, I don’t want to be psychodramatic like MSNBC does, but there is sort of a slow-motion coup to overturn the elections when we should just take a deep breath and say, we have a chance to adjudicate this in the next election and we do not want to destroy over two centuries of American constitutional jurisprudence. 

Because we know historically, Tucker, when you have successful systems like ours or the Greek city-state of the fourth century or Rome in the fifth century A.D. or the Byzantines in the fifthteenth century or the ancient regime in Rome. Why do they fall apart? They fall apart because an elite no longer warrants the respect they think that they deserve because they are out of touch with the people.

We have a whole bunch of people on questions of global warming as we see in Europe or immigration in eastern Europe, or here at home, that feel they can dictate to people and they’re never subject to the ramifications of their own ideology and policy. And it’s like the emperor has no clothes and then they’re surprised that Trump won or surprised that people are rioting in Paris. What did they think was going to happen?

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