Ten Signs Your Movement Is Evil

As I hope I’ve suggested in the past, I happen to think that our society needs right and left, conservatives and liberals/leftists, Republicans and Democrats. Without us conservatives, folks on the left can miss why certain traditions exist in the first place, and why “change” does not always lead to improvement.

Quite simply, monstrous leftists do the following:

  1. They deny that truth is objective and universally accessible. They tell me, for example, that I can’t discuss race relations in the U.S. because I’m white — or that I can’t discuss the transgender issue because I’m “cis.”
  2. They don’t respect boundaries. They block traffic, destroy property, harass and intimidate opponents in public spaces (and even at their homes), and/or gleefully humiliate others in pursuit of their aims — or they simply refuse to condemn such tactics when they’re used by others.
  3. They’re censors. 
  4. They magnify offense — and then respond with no sense of proportion.  Unintentionally insensitive remarks or actions cannot be socially engineered out of existence. I’m sorry, but people are imperfect and should be given room to screw up.
  5. They think they should be able to break normal rules with impunity. 
  6. They play games with definitions to worm their way out of charges of hypocrisy. Bigots with social power do more damage than bigots without that power. But the purpose of the “racism = prejudice + power” equation is not simply to point out this uncontroversial truth; it’s to completely absolve certain groups of any wrongdoing.
  7. They purposely misconstrue what people say and assign malign motives where none exist.
  8. They congratulate or blame people for things they can’t control. Nobody chooses to be born white, male, straight, or cis; nobody chooses to be born non-white, female, gay, or trans.
  9. They seek equal outcomes, not equal opportunity. 
  10. Overall, they’re joyless, vengeful, and nasty people. 

Source: Ten Signs Your Movement Is Evil