Tommy Robinson – The Beginning Of The End Of British Justice

Britain, once the champion of the rule of law and due process no longer is, and it’s official.

Tommy Robinson is a well known journalist and activist who opposes the Islamization of the UK.

Yesterday, he was video taping and adding commentary outside the courtroom where one of the three trials is being held for the Muslim sex grooming gangs who raped and forced over a thousand girls into prostitution. This is something the authorities were fully aware of but only chose to take action against when coverage of what was going on finally shamed them into it.


And now back to l’Affaire Tommy Robinson. What he was doing was standing outside the court dealing with the second trial, and commenting on the trial and what it meant, something quite appropriate since he was one of the first to report originally on the Muslim Sex grooming gangs and demand the UK do something about it, years before the British police took action.

There were only a few people standing outside the court. Things were quiet.

Then a large police van pulled up, and 7 police mobbed him without warning, arrested him for ‘disturbing the peace’ and threw him in jail. In less than six hours, he was sentenced to thirteen months in prison.

This was done without his lawyer receiving notice or having time to prepare any defense.

Even worse, the judge, one Geoffrey Marson QC, ordered an Orwellian media blackout – which resulted in British media and online publications deleting their articles from the web covering Robinson’s arrest…just as they have been ordered not to publish anything regarding the trials. If you live in the UK, you probably will not be able to read this article online.

If this sounds familiar, it’s exactly how Hitler and Stalin acted and how other totalitarian governments still act today – a sudden arrest, a quick ‘trial’ if you can call it that and an equally quick imprisonment without even a nod towards due process. An enemy of the State has been identified and removed and all mention of him or what happened to him is now forbidden.

Source: Tommy Robinson – The Beginning Of The End Of British Justice

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