Rules for Innocents

Underneath the hotel I always stayed in Bulgaria is an (unlicensed) Buddha Bar, where the music blared on until 3-4 AM daily. But some of it was unique and interesting, so much so, I wanted a copy and was willing to pay for it. So, one morning I went around to ask about it. So I walked in, and no one was there except a bartender and a floor boss. I said, “Excuse me, but I was wondering…” when I was interrupted with “Get out of my bar, you steenking f**king Amerikan!), so I turned and walked back out.


What this is, is war…without guns…being waged against us. They are no longer inhibited by social conventions.  They are emboldened and will do this now without qualm, guilt or shame. And while it is always our desire to live in a live-and-let-live world, they are not. And they don’t believe they should have to, anymore.


Remember, you are innocent, and I don’t just mean Innocent as a baby is innocent. You are innocent of their accusations. If you believe in God, the leftists hate you. If you believe in Jesus or Abraham the radical Islamists hate you. If you believe in free will or liberty, or the Constitution,they both hate you. And sadly, of late, if you are white, they hate you twice over.

No.1: Don’t Apologize

That’s what they want you to do, apologize for having done absolutely nothing to them. This gives them power over you.

No 2: Don’t Defend or Argue

There is an easy 3-step slice-and-dice that, with practice, will have your attacker wishing he’s never met you.

No 3: First, Don’t Retreat.

Especially with your eyes and facial expression. Controlled rage works best. Teach your eyes to spit fire,. This puts them off balance for it is not what they expected.

No 4: Don’t get Angry

You’ve heard me say this before, don’t ever get angry at dogs for being dogs

Source: Rules for Innocents