Guns and Alcohol

Someone dared to compare alcohol deaths and other harms with those from guns.


Clayton Cramer proposes some “reasonable” alcohol restrictions, based on what the gun control crowd considers “reasonable” restrictions on guns:

1. Mandatory background checks for every alcohol purchase. Felons, DUI convicts, and domestic violence misdemeanants prohibited.

2. One six-pack or one bottle of wine per day. Who needs more than that?

3. Distilled spirits have no legitimate need in a polite society. Everyone knows high alcohol percentages are part of the problem. Completely ban them.

4. Mandatory serial numbers on every alcoholic beverage container so that when teenagers are arrested, we can track it back to the retail customer.

5. Every vendor will keep records for 20 years of all beverages.

6. Brewers and distillers will be held liable for every violent crime or traffic accident caused by their product.

7. You cannot buy distilled liquor outside your state of residence.

Just like you want for guns! 1, 4, 5, and 7 are current federal gun law. 2, 3, and 6 are the alcohol equivalent of what the control movement wants.