ABC News Chief Political Analyst Caught Pushing Fake Terrorism Claim | Homeland Security

Source: ABC News Chief Political Analyst Caught Pushing Fake Terrorism Claim | Homeland Security

This claim, that more were killed in the Las Vegas shooting last week than by Islamic terrorists over the past decade, is flatly untrue, as I’ll show you in a minute.


In fact, it is Dowd who is factually challenged. As New America documents, Islamic terrorists have killed nearly 100 people in the U.S. since 9/11, most of those within the past decade:


The number of deaths at the Orlando Pulse nightclub massacre by self-avowed ISIS devotee Omar Mateen in June 2016 was 49.

Another 14 were killed by Syed Rizwan Farook and his wife Tashfeen Malik at a San Bernardino office Christmas party in December 2015.

The fatalities from just those two Islamic terror attacks (63) within the past two years are more than the victims of last week’s massacre in Las Vegas (59).

There’s just no way to spin Dowd’s claim for it to remotely be true.


As I’ve noted repeatedly, the media cartel keeps getting basic facts wrong about Islamic terrorism in America. In August, CBS News host Norah O’Donnell was pushing vastly inflated terrorism stats to falsely claim that so-called “right wing” terrorism was more deadly than Islamic terrorism…


As I noted, the highly suspect terrorism database O’Donnell cited includes Neo-Nazis killing pedophiles in prison:

None of these cases actually involved terrorism charges. Neither did many others in the GAO dataset.

But there was something more peculiar about O’Donnell’s claim.

Even the inflated GAO dataset admitted that Islamic terrorists had killed more than so-called “right wing” domestic terrorists, as their own graphic showed:

So how did she conclude that “right wing” terrorism was deadlier than Islamic terrorism? Not by counting the actual number of fatalities — but by counting the number of “incidents.”

It seems Down now says he meant “casualties” not “deaths”, even though he said “deaths”.

If someone comes up with a casualty count that disproves that, maybe he’ll declare that he meant casualties on Sundays.