Reality-denying Progressives call MAGA supporters “losers”

Source: Reality-denying Progressives call MAGA supporters “losers”

True to Trump’s promise, while his administration has made some errors (President Trump should have fired Comey and indicted Hillary on January 22), there’s also been a whole lot of winning. Here’s a partial list:

  • Justice Gorsuch is a win.
  • The roster of conservative judges President Trump is nominating to the federal court system is an ongoing win.
  • Withdrawing from the Paris Accord was a win.
  • The speech President Trump made at the UN, defining and defending American sovereignty was a win.
  • The ongoing effort to shrink the administrative state is a win.
  • Ben Carson, Betsy DeVos, and Ryan Zinke are wins.
  • The booming stock market is a win.
  • The slowly expanding economy is a win.
  • The Trump administration’s ability to block terror exporting nations from sending people to America is a win.
  • ICE’s stepped-up actions and the diminution in the flow of illegal aliens to the US are ongoing wins.

I don’t think any of the MAGA crowd are bored yet with this winning. They’re counting on more. The reality is that, with Trump slowly but steadily dismantling the Obama state, his MAGA supporters are very pleased. Moreover, as the guys at Power Line show (especially Paul Mirengoff), even those who did not vote for Trump, and are not true MAGA-ites, are pleased. It’s been a delight to watch the more reasonable NeverTrumpers come around.