African-Americans need a Great Awakening to repair their broken culture

Source: African-Americans need a Great Awakening to repair their broken culture

Based upon the above premises, I’ve concluded to my own satisfaction that whites cannot save blacks; that pulling down offensive statutes cannot save blacks; that castigating everyone in the world as the “root cause” of black suffering (even if we accept this as true for argument’s sake) cannot save blacks; that politicians cannot save blacks; and that Democrats cannot save blacks (and, indeed, will continue to inflict practical and spiritual damage on them). Only blacks can save blacks.

To have this cultural salvation, however, one that can relieve them of their self-inflicted woes, blacks must first have a Great Awakening that makes spiritual and moral demands upon them. This Great Awakening, I hasten to add, cannot be a black Muslim kind of awakening, one that sees blacks simply add the word “Allah” to their outer-directed anger and demands. Instead, they need to have a deep, inner, spiritual change that gives them a hand up in freeing themselves from the moral abyss in which too many of them are trapped.

Incidentally, I write all of the above as a person who, while suspecting there might be a God, but isn’t sure; as a pragmatist who doesn’t have a spiritual bone in her body; and as a Jew who has a deep respect for the humanist strain of Christianity that’s been a part of America since the First Great Awakening in the middle of the 18th Century.

How many psychologists does it take to change a light bulb?

Only one. But first it has to want to change.