Trump remains lucky in his choice of enemies

I have the best job in the world. I can make up fantastic constructions: frothy lies, that amuse me and respond to the rule of cool. And the best part is that I don’t have to REALLY lie. I mean people know I’m making this up.

Believe it or not, novels used to get frowned on because of that.  They were an affront to the Almighty, since they described things that never happened.


All you have to do to see the result of encouraging your mind to be the opposite of flexible is to look at the left side of the isle right now.

They knew Hillary was going to win the election; they knew their “progressive” (forward to the nineteen thirties!) future was inevitable; they knew their ideas are all on the right side of history.  And then it turned out… it wasn’t PRECISELY so.

Younger son tells me that their teachers assured them (multiple times) no Republican would win ever again, because the left was CORRECT. (Which explains why people his age have so much trouble listening to other opinions.  It’s like questioning their faith.)

Turned out all those polls that showed no support for Trump could be summed up by “Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.”

And they can’t cope.  If I hear one more call for impeachment I’m going to blow a gasket.  You might hate what Trump is doing (meh.  By and large better than I expected) but if anything he did was liable to impeachment, Obama would have been impeached a dozen times or more.  Worse, they don’t seem to understand “impeachment” doesn’t mean removal.  (If it did Billy Jeff would have been out’a’there too.)  WORSE they don’t seem to understand that even if they managed to remove Trump, they’d just get Pence.  And if they removed HIM they’d get (I THINK) Ryan.

via The Lies — According To Hoyt