How late-night comics helped pave the way for President Trump – The Washington Post

Source: How late-night comics helped pave the way for President Trump – The Washington Post


Two days before the election, every talking head on television was assuring us that Trump didn’t have a chance, because he lacked a “ground game.” After his victory, one had to wonder whether some part of his ground game had been conducted night after night after night on television, under flattering studio lights and with excellent production values and comedy writing.

Though aimed at blue-state sophisticates, these shows are an unintended but powerful form of propaganda for conservatives. When Republicans see these harsh jokes—which echo down through the morning news shows and the chattering day’s worth of viral clips, along with those of Jimmy Kimmel, Stephen Colbert, and Seth Meyers—they don’t just see a handful of comics mocking them. They see HBO, Comedy Central, TBS, ABC, CBS, and NBC. In other words, they see exactly what Donald Trump has taught them: that the entire media landscape loathes them, their values, their family, and their religion. It is hardly a reach for them to further imagine that the legitimate news shows on these channels are run by similarly partisan players—nor is it at all illogical.

I see the same thing in my Facebook feed. A number of otherwise intelligent and sensible people drop into a mindless “auto-loathe” mode when they post about Trump. The more Trump opponents reflexively parrot this hatred of Trump and anyone who supports him, the more convinced I become that I voted the right way.

“That’s how you get more Trump.”