Four Dead in Stockholm Truck Attack – WSJ

Source: Four Dead in Stockholm Truck Attack – WSJ

The Islamists have successfully weaponized trucks the way they weaponized airplanes on 9/11. You can’t put truck barriers everywhere, and you can’t screen truck drivers the way you screen people at airports. Situational awareness may help — have a place to dodge to if a vehicle heads toward you.

A man drove a heavy truck into a crowd in Stockholm’s busiest shopping area, killing four people in what authorities called a “terror attack,” and highlighting how exposed European cities are to the low-tech tactic of mowing down pedestrians with a vehicle.


The rampage, which came a day after Sweden’s police, military and security services jointly practiced their terror-response capabilities, underscored the formidable security challenge posed by isolated attackers turning vehicle into weapons.

“It’s very difficult,” said Magnus Ranstorp, a professor at Sweden’s National Defense College. “If you put barriers in one place, they can attack somewhere else.”


Islamic State claimed responsibility for those attacks, and has called on sympathizers to use vehicles to kill.

I suspect if this continues, people will start taking matters in hand at the scene of vehicular attacks, and the results won’t be pretty.

I also suspect people who aren’t aiming to kill and maim pedestrians should resolve to drive carefully. Take a defensive driving class and learn how to avoid accidents.