Northwestern Rape Scandal: Hoax that Caused a Frenzy | National Review

Source: Northwestern Rape Scandal: Hoax that Caused a Frenzy | National Review

….But the hysteria was all based on anonymous phone calls. There were no actual victims, no witnesses, and no physical evidence or electronic evidence or any other kind of evidence that any such an event involving any such women ingesting any such drugs or suffering any such sexual assaults ever occurred.

It was left to Northwestern professor Laura Kipnis, author of the new book Unwanted Advances: Sexual Paranoia Comes to Campus, to publicly caution against premature witch hunts. (Kipnis was the target herself of a social-justice mob inquisition after penning an irreverent essay assailing oppressive campus sexual behavior codes, Title IX litigation run amok, and “infantilized” student snowflakes.)

“If we’ve learned anything from the unraveling of Rolling Stone’s now-retracted story about an alleged rape and cover-up at a University of Virginia frat a couple of years ago, it’s that we need to slow down the rush to judgment until we’re in possession of sufficient verifiable information to form solid conclusions,” Kipnis warned eight weeks ago.


Indeed, as K. C. Johnson and Stuart Taylor Jr. document in The Campus Rape Frenzy, the federal government and virtually all colleges and universities have “mounted a systematic attack on bedrock American principles including the presumption of innocence, access to exculpatory evidence, the right to cross-examine one’s accuser, and due process” in the name of eradicating “rape culture.”

After a “prompt and thorough” investigation, Telles-Irvin revealed last week, “no disciplinary action or further investigative action related to the reports of sexual misconduct will be taken at this time.” Did investigators ever track down the anonymous callers who leveled the allegations that smeared the fraternity’s rep and convicted its members in the court of public opinion? Will false accusers ever be held accountable? We’ll never know. The case of the Northwestern rape outbreak that never happened is closed. Poof!

Now, instead of admitting the whole thing was a hoax, Northwestern is scouring the targeted fraternity for “other potential violations” of campus codes to justify putting them through hell in the first place. Victimized again.