The Right Geek: Grumpy Thoughts for the Evening

Source: The Right Geek: Grumpy Thoughts for the Evening


  • If you believe free speech should be forcibly curtailed for certain people you don’t like, then you must believe you have a total monopoly on the truth — which means you’re an arrogant putz.

  • Look beneath the surface numbers. Just because a certain racial group performs less well on a teacher certification test does not automatically mean the test is racist and should be scrapped. It may mean public education in certain areas is utter shit for a host of complicated reasons that have very little to do with race.

  • If you want gay characters in your movies, write your own stories. Don’t try to colonize stories that already exist. I’m looking at you, Disney.

  • Speaking of gay representation: Putting LGBT characters into everything ever is not actually representative of reality. Same-sex-attracted individuals represent 3.5% of the US population according to census data — and “gender-nonconforming” folks represent an even smaller percentage. Ironically, by artificially inflating LGBT representation in popular media, you are making people MORE afraid of the “gay agenda” and its possible impact on the family. Back off.

  • We’re tired of the left’s screeching about Russia, Trump’s fascism, etc. Reality does not conform to your hysteria; if it did, many of you would already be in jail. Critique actual policy, not your fever dreams.

  • Stop talking about “white privilege.” It is 100% nonconstructive. No average American is going to accept that notion when the evidence before our lying eyes reveals that many working class whites are also disadvantaged by the system. Speak instead about the barriers that poor people face regardless of race. This will help everyone instead of just a few favored groups.