#RESIST: UPDATE: A friend emails: Great to see this #Resist repurposed. A close female…

#RESIST: UPDATE: A friend emails: Great to see this #Resist repurposed. A close female relative and I had a conversation recently. She was making conciliatory verbal gestures, in effect, saying that if everyone who supported Trump admits he lost, agrees they were wrong, and that Trump was evil, we can all move on amicably.

I responded, very calmly and dispassionately, which I was able to do because I was expecting this conversation, more or less as follows.

Using game theory, it has been determined that the proper way to respond to defection from optimal behavior between two parties, is to match any bad behavior by equal retaliation. Acquiescing in bad behavior without consequences simply gets you more of it.

So, the only rational rational response for Trump supporters, after the last four years is to respond to Biden exactly as Trump was treated…

Source: #RESIST: UPDATE: A friend emails: Great to see this #Resist repurposed. A close female…

Technically, this was examined for the Iterated Prisoner’s Dilemma, particularly where the pay-offs in the game matrix are set so that cooperation pays better than defecting. I worry that some on the left may decide there’s a large pay-off inherent in being the underdog, in which case they won’t see retaliation as a penalty.

The Media Mask Slips

(Steven Hayward) There’s a refrain on the left that is now so familiar as to be unremarkable. The form runs, “Even Reagan wasn’t as bad as [insert current Republican president here].” It got a workout under George W. Bush, and it’s gotten heavy use under Trump.

Source: The Media Mask Slips

Every Republican candidate for President since Reagan has been labeled the racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic bastard child of Satan and Hitler. You’d think sooner or later, people would quit responding to the cries of “wolf!”

Quote from R.A. Lafferty

This is from PAST MASTER by R.A. Lafferty. Like many a work of his, the satire is so sharp it burns like acid. In this scene, Thomas More, philosopher, author, statesman, and the author of UTOPIA, has been brought forward by time travelers, perhaps by mistake, to be elevated by fake election to be world-leader of the perfect planet, Golden Astrobe which, inexplicably, is dying of its imperfections.


My comment: I note that this was written in AD 1968, before satire was taken as sober advocacy, and the things here offered as outrageous excesses of a far planet in the far future were not matters currently in the newspapers, or soon to be.

Source: Quote from R.A. Lafferty

The Electoral College

I was asked to write an explanation or defense of the Electoral College, but I find I am unable to do so. The idea of the president being selected from a temporary body, beholden to no special interests, existing for a sole purpose and too briefly to be open to pressure or corruption, is too obviously wise, sage, fair and sound to need any defense.

Nor am I imaginative to invent serious objections to it. It has no drawbacks, no weaknesses. 

There are those who argue that large but few states should domineer the smaller but many states merely make an assertion absurd on it face.

If it is said that the greater population numbers of the few large states gives their interests more weight than the less populated states who outnumber the few, on the grounds of democracy, it is sufficient to say that those same grounds, with equal logic, support the opposite: for the less populated states outnumber the few. 

In reality, the Constitutional system gives the Senate more weight to the smaller many states and the House of Representatives gives more weight to the larger fewer states, and so the competing interests balance nicely. 

However, as a courtesy to my readers confronted with specious argument against the College of Electors, it should be sufficient to quote from the Federalist Papers.

I am gratified to note that Hamilton has that same inability as do I: he can think of no serious argument against the provision. 

Here follow words from a wiser pen than mine. 

Source: The Electoral College

Kyle Rittenhouse out on 2 Million Dollar Bail in Kenosha

Image of flying kick attack at Rittenhouse from the daily-sun.com , cropped, scaled and text added by Dean Weingarten. Kyle Rittenhouse, the young defender of lives and property during the Kenosha riots, who shot three mob members who unprovokedly attacked him as he ran from them, was released on bail from Kenosha County Jail, on Friday, 20 November, 2020.

Source: Kyle Rittenhouse out on 2 Million Dollar Bail in Kenosha

JORDAN PETERSON: HOW THE LEFT MANUFACTURED A FOLK DEVIL. Over the past few days, Jordan Peterson’…

JORDAN PETERSON: HOW THE LEFT MANUFACTURED A FOLK DEVIL . Over the past few days, Jordan Peterson’s critics have been doing their utmost to publicise his forthcoming book, Beyond Order: 12 More Rules for Life . The famous clinical psychologist announced the publication on his YouTube channel on Monday, and within hours the book was being widely denounced on social media for its hateful content.

Source: JORDAN PETERSON: HOW THE LEFT MANUFACTURED A FOLK DEVIL. Over the past few days, Jordan Peterson’…

Why academics hold Thatcher and Trump in such contempt

But if the sentiments of the majority of educators of 2020 and 1990 are similar, what has changed is the level of censoriousness, and the fear among the few dissenters of speaking out against the consensus. Pro-Thatcher academics were perhaps not too popular in the staff room, but didn’t live in fear of losing their jobs. I’m not sure that is true about Trump.

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