Analysis: Trump rallies did not lead to an increase in hate crimes

Back in March, the Washington Post published a piece by three Texas A&M professors who had produced a paper titled “The Trump Effect: How 2016 Campaign Rallies Explain Spikes in Hate .” The paper, which hadn’t been published or peer-reviewed, claimed there was a 226 percent jump in hate crimes in counties that hosted a Trump rally.

Source: Analysis: Trump rallies did not lead to an increase in hate crimes

Persuasion vs. Demonization

Notice what seems to be the norm on Facebook and other social media…

My latest essay begins, I will describe two modes of political discourse, which I call persuasion mode and demonization mode. In persuasion mode, we treat people on the other side with respect, we listen to their logical and factual presentations, and we respond with logical and factual presentations of our own.

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Why Do You Need…?

In politics, “NEED” is a four-letter word, and should be treated as such.

The Writer in Black

This is a very frustrating question to receive when discussing RKBA, not because it’s difficult to answer but because of a single, overwhelming fact:

The people asking the question never really want to know the answer.  They have already assumed that there is no justification for the desire (said justification qualifying as “need”).

“If you need 30 rounds to hunt, you suck at hunting,” they’ll say.  They don’t care that it’s not about hunting.  Or even if it is, some forms of hunting aren’t sport, or even for meat for the table.  They’re pest control.  There are cases out there where the best means to selectively control the population of certain pest species is through hunting.  Traps and poisons can harm species other than the target, species you don’t want to.   So sometimes, the most effective method with the least harm to the ecosystem is to have someone out there…

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CATHY YOUNG: (Almost) Everything You Know About GamerGate is Wrong — Harassment campaign? Misogynis…

CATHY YOUNG: (Almost) Everything You Know About GamerGate is Wrong — Harassment campaign? Misogynist hate mob? Alt-right test run? It’s much more complicated: If not Trump, what is GamerGate’s legacy? It did change the cultural landscape, for better and worse.

Source: CATHY YOUNG: (Almost) Everything You Know About GamerGate is Wrong — Harassment campaign? Misogynis…

A Suspiciously Selective, Logically Shaky Analysis of Mass Shooting Data Claims the Federal ‘Assault Weapon’ Ban ‘Really Did Work’

Stanford law professor John Donohue claims to have discovered evidence that the 1994 federal ban on so-called assault weapons “really did work,” because mass shootings and the deaths caused by them declined while the law was in effect, then rose afterward.

Source: A Suspiciously Selective, Logically Shaky Analysis of Mass Shooting Data Claims the Federal ‘Assault Weapon’ Ban ‘Really Did Work’

14 Obama Administration Scandals

The press has called the Obama Administration “scandal-free”. Here’s a list of 14 scandals, at least according to someone who wants to find scandals.

Maybe you’re in the set of people who don’t believe these are real scandals. If so, this is what your hysterical coverage of Trump looks like to everyone outside your bubble.

But if you want Trump re-elected, keep it up.

14. The Senate seat for sale scandal

Before Obama even took office he was implicated in a scandal involving his soon-to-be-vacant Senate seat. ….

13. The New Black Panther Party Voter-Intimidation Scandal

In May 2009, the government was on the verge of victory by default in 2008 voter intimidation case against the New Black Panther Party (NBPP), Attorney General Eric Holder inexplicably dropped the case in May 2009. ….

12. Obama’s Illegal Firing of an Inspector General 

Also in 2009, Barack Obama illegally fired Gerald Walpin, the Inspector General for the  Corporation for National and Community Service. ….

11. The Secret Service Prostitution scandal

In 2012, members of the Secret Service were caught up in a prostitution scandal during Obama’s visit to Columbia. ….

10. The Green Energy loans scandal

Does Joe Biden really think that when more than fifty clean energy companies backed by the Obama-Biden administration went bankrupt or found themselves in major financial trouble that isn’t a scandal? ….

9. The Fast & Furious scandal

The Obama administration sent two thousand firearms across the border in order to trace them to drug cartels, and lost hundreds of them. That’s pretty darn bad. But it got a whole lot worse when a  border agent was killed with one of those guns. ….

8. Obstruction of justice, lots of it

Obstruction of justice was standard operating procedure in the Obama administration from day one.  ….

7. The VA Backlog scandal

The Veterans Health Administration is notorious for large backlogs of benefits claims. While running for president, Obama promised to do better than his predecessor and reduce the backlog. When he took office, the backlog had been in decline, falling by nearly 100,00 during George W. Bush’s second term. Sadly, under Obama, the backlog started going back up. It didn’t just go up marginally… it more than doubled during their first term, from approximately 390,000 outstanding claims to roughly 884,000 outstanding claims. ….

6. The Sestak job offer scandal

Barack Obama violated at least four federal laws back in 2010, for offering then-congressman Joe Sestak (D-PA) a job in his administration in exchange for not challenging Arlen Specter for the Democratic nomination for U.S. Senate. ….

5. The Benghazi attack cover-up

The terror attack at the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya, not only threatened the Obama-Biden administration narrative that they’d been crippling al Qaeda and making progress in the War on Terror, but it also threatened their reelection. So, they lied about it. ….

4. Media spying scandals

The media loved Obama, but Obama didn’t love them back. In fact, Obama abused the Espionage Act to target reporters and their sources. ….

3. The Iran Ransom scandal

A few short months after Obama had completed negotiations for the Iran Nuclear Deal, resulting in the lifting of sanctions and the unfreezing of billions in Iranian assets, the Obama administration made a shady payment to Iran in the amount of $400 million. ….

2. The IRS scandal

It’s amazing that anyone can still pretend the IRS to improperly targeting conservative and Tea Party groups wasn’t a scandal. Lois Lerner, the former director of the IRS Exempt Organizations division at the time, admitted it happened!  ….

1. The Trump spying /FISA abuse scandal

If spying on Donald Trump’s campaign wasn’t a scandal, what is?

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